Here's all the projects I've created over the years! (Do you want to go back to the general overview of Gabriel Ruiz?)
This site!
July 2019-Present
Created a static personal page using Svelte and SvelteKit.
Poetry GraphQL API
July 2019
Used Ruby on Rails and GraphQL to create an API for poetry.
Instant Shakespeare
April 2019
Created a cross-platform mobile app using Flutter/Dart and RxDart to fetch Shakespeare Sonnets.
April 2015
Created a command line tool to quickly take notes using Clojure.
March 2015
Utilized ClojureScript (Clojure compiled to JavaScript) to create a web-based memory game.
December 2014
Created a GitHub commit graph art maker using an HTML5 Canvas-based tool for the UI. Through AJAX, the UI sends data based on a user’s art to a Sinatra server to pass the data to another Ruby script to make fake commits.
October 2014
Utilized JavaScript, jQuery, and the Soundcloud API to create a music player that plays a user's likes on Soundcloud while showing cool visualizations (made with HTML5 Canvas).
Canvas Scrolling Stars
August 2014
Used CoffeeScript and HTML5 Canvas to create a general-purpose scrolling star background for future HTML5/JS games. The link is a tech demo showing off different things you can do with the background.
Coffee Break
May 2014
Used Canvas, CoffeeScript, and a touch of jQuery to build an Arkanoid-style game.
April 2014
(Deprecated) Built a DogeAPI wrapper in Clojure. Released it onto Clojars.
Plots and Shenanigans
March 2014
Used d3.js to visualize several CSV datasets I created through my previous web scraping projects. Used underscore.js to make some things easier.
Reddit Search Download
February 2014
Small script to download reddit search results in JSON or XML format.
YC Scraper
February 2014
Scraped some data about YC Companies using Ruby.
Death Row
February 2014
Scraped data about Texas's executed prison inmates using Ruby.
March 2013
Even more fancy SVG visuals with d3.js. No music sadly. Made for 2013 Spring CSUA Hackathon.
March 2013
Fancy d3.js/SVG visuals set to The Weeknd's "Echoes of Silence."
November 2012
First hackathon project. Text-based adventure game in Python with a choice system.