Gabriel Ruiz.
  Hello! I'm Gabriel Ruiz. (Do you want to see my projects? )
  I'm primarily a front-end developer. I'm passionate about JavaScript and making good interfaces for users.
  My favorites are Vue.js and React, though. In fact, this page you're on now is built with the excellent Nuxt.js!
Right now, I use, Vue.js, Vuex, React, and Next.js at work.
  I do back-end stuff too! I have worked with Ruby on Rails, Python and Golang projects.
  Occasionally I like to do game development as a hobby. I used to write random 2d games using HTML5 canvas, but these days I'm teaching myself Unity when I have the time.
    I don't just code! In my spare time, I like to do random athletic things. I really enjoy long-distance running and powerlifting in particular.