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This site is a little more serious in tone than my other apps/sites, like this one. It may also not be the best idea to visit this site while drunk and/or high. Legal stuff: Song is "Echoes of Silence" by The Weeknd. I do not own any of The Weeknd's music. However, I do enjoy his music and think it is quite legit. Go check him out!

Who are you?

I am Gabriel Ruiz. A college student/web developer/master quesadilla and microwave chef.

Why did you make this site?

Long story short, personal redemption - to prove to myself that I'm not a scrub at web development, and specifically with the d3.js library. Also because The Weeknd's awesome.

Why should I stay?

I may or may not give you free food if you stay.

How did you make this?

Python/Django/Heroku for deployment (mainly because I might add more onto this later). To play music, I used the jPlayer plugin. I used d3.js for all the fancy visual effects. Everything else is just HTML/CSS.

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